Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Results & Latecomers

Group Y have received their results in class

Group X (who had one class less this year) will receive their results via their student email later today(tonight).

If you have received a mark less than 40, Please start again and go through the website doing all work that you are asked, ready for handup after Christmas. MAKE SURE TO DO WHAT YOU ARE ASKED!

Note the EXAM is on the P drive available within the college only. If you follow it correctly you will have 11 files to submit named accordingly.

If you have not handed up your work, please leave it into the School of Health Sciences immediately in an envelope marked for my attention i.e. ATTN: Colm Dunphy

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hi Everyone,

we've finally reached the last class.
Hope you enjoyed the module and that you learned something useful along the way!

Firstly, anyone who hasn't handed up their work, please do so immediately.

Having corrected much of the continuous assessment, I've found some weak points that I would like to revisit today

  • Attention to detail. Make sure you do what your asked!
  • Mail Merge. I would like everyone to create a new mail merge master document. Use the address list on the P drive. Then merge the data with the master.
  • End Note. I would like everyone to create another new document. Start End Note. Import some citations. Then use them within Word.
Feel free to help each other. I gave 2 links in September to pages which will help you do this. Revisit the notes on EndNote too.

Enjoy your Christmas. Best of luck in the rest of your exams.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


Proof of work is required for external examiners. Therefore all students need to submit an archive of their work. You can do this by making a copy of all your work onto either a CD or memory keyring.

Please ensure that they are labelled clearly with your student name and number.

Ensure that you have a file called README.TXT in the root folder of the CD or keyring which has your student name & number

All CDs / keyrings will be taken up in class on or before Wednesday December 3rd 2008

Week 12 - Class 1

Review of continuous assessment work to date (continued)

Data Protect Act

get a copy of the summary guide from the P drive (only available with WIT).

"P:\Class Notes\Colm Dunphy\IT\Data Protection Act Summary Guide.pdf"

Week 11 - class 3

Review of continuous assessment work to date

All work should be stored on the G drive in the folder called IT-CA
You should have a folder for each piece of work

  • A1 - test
  • A2 - Research Essay
  • A3 - Powerpint presentations 1) about yourself 2) about Research Essay topic
  • A4 - Excel Spreadsheet

NOTE: A1 & A2 both had deadlines. Do not edit these files!

Please note ALL this work must be handed up in class, on CD or memory keyring , on or before Decemeber 3rd 2008

Week 11 - Class 2

Powerpoint presentations about each student by each student

Week 11 Class 1


slide show tab
  • timings
  • narration
  • use rehearsed timings
  • setup slideshow (for looping, using in kiosks)

review tab

  • protect presentation

view tab

  • slide sorter
  • notes
  • MASTERS (slide, handout, notes)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Week 10 Class 3


to have an animation (transition) between slides
select the slide you want to transition to
click "Animtaions" tab
select one of the options from "Transition to this slide"

To make this transition apply to all slides,
click "Apply to all"

note you can change the speed of the transition and whether a sound is played or not from the same panel by selecting from "Transition Sound" or "Transition Speed" as appropriate.

Slides can be advanced manually or automatically. If you specify a time in mins:secs, the slide will advance after that time.

Select an object on a slide e.g. the bullet points
Now the Animate drop down list
change from "No Animation" to any other option.
Note that when you view the slide show, the individual points appear one by one instead of everything appearing on the slide at once.

To achieve even more control over how the elements appear and disappear on screen select
"Custom Animation" and explore the options in the Custom Animation panel.


You can ionsert media into the presentation just as you did with Word.
Click the Insert tab
Click the Clip Art button
Search for "injury"
Results - make sure only movies is selected.
select one of the icons returned and click insert.

Search for "injury"
Results - make sure only sounds is selected.
select one of the icons returned and click insert.

Research Assignment Submission

The Research Assignment was due this morning in class.

If you missed class. please do the following.

On your G drive, you should already have a folder called "IT-CA"
Go into this folder and create a new folder called "A2".
Copy your project / assignment files into this folder.
i.e. you should have 4 word documents and 1 end note library file (ENL) + a folder which has the same name as .ENL file, with .Data added to the end.

Don't edit these files in any way after you do this.

Week 10 Class 2


Introduction / Purpose

Title Slide / Content Slides


Arranging slides

Running a SlideShow

Complete the missing slides from the slideshow started in class.

Week 10 Class 1


Page Layout

- Print Area
- Print Titiles
- Sheet Options (print)

- Function Library
- Define name


Week 9 Class 3



defining named cells
copying cells
anchoring cells

see "Spreadsheet notes" on the P drive

Week 9 Class 2


Create a table with student names and scores for 2 assignments

Format the data as table

Use conditional formatting to highlight fails

Add columns to work out the average, max and min

Count the number of students who passed
Count the number of students who failed

Tip: Use AutoSum

Week9 Class 1

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Importing references from SPORTDISCUSS

Use Internet Explorer to load up the WIT library online database search

Scroll down and use SPORTDiscus With Full Text .

When you find a paper of interest click the “Export to Bibliographic Manager” button.

You MUST select the second option “Generic bibliographic management software” and then click SAVE.
You will then be presented with a web page and instructions to File | Save As - make sure to change the "Save as type" option to "text file (.txt) option

Finally in EndNote X2, select File | Import
Make sure to select the Import Option “ISI-CE
Then browse to the file that you saved above and finally click IMPORT

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 8 - Class 3

Today's class is an exercise to practice what has been learned over the past 3 weeks. Please make sure to save all files used in the exercise as they make up part of your continuous assessment. I would suggest saving everything in a new folder.

The excercise should be completed and handed up in class on Wed November 19th

Part 1
Write a paper using the appropriate title below:
Group X) "The importance of warming up and stretching".
Group Y) "Getting fit - how and why it's important to start slowly"

Research the topic first, building up an EndNote library of references. (The name of the library should be your student number)

Write your paper using the Harvard Method.
Save this file as _PaperPart1

Part 2
Have another classmate comment on you paper by exchange papers with a member of the other group via Email. Ensure that the comments are electronic and that the person commenting uses their own name as initials. When you get back this file save it as _PaperPart2

Part 3
Have another classmate edit your paper (with track changes turned on and their full name as initials). Do this by exchanging papers with a member of the other group via Email. Ensure that the changes are TRACKED electronically and that the person commenting uses their own name as initials. When you get back this file save it as _PaperPart3

Part 4
Make a copy of the file from part3. Name it _PaperPart4
Compare the file from Part1 with this new file and accept / reject changes as appropriate


You should end up with 4 Word files and 1 EndNote Library file. The research that you do for this essay will be the basis of a later class presentation.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Week 8 - Class 2

Tracking Changes
- Note use the sample files to try out the track changes options
- change username
- turn it on
- markup

Comparing Documents
- use Review options

Combining Document

Monday, October 20, 2008

Week 8 - Class 1

REVIEW on the ribbon

- search reference books
- search research sites
- search financial & business sites

- F7

- Shift F7 (Synonym, antonym)



Week 7 - Class 2 - TEST

You first assignment will be given out on Wednesday 22 Oct 2008.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 6 Class 2 - TEST Pre-Run

Steps 1-17 to be completed in 40 minutes
  1. Create a new document.
  2. Insert 100 paragraphs of text with 6 sentences in each paragraph
  3. Divide the document up into 6 chapters with a chapter heading for each
  4. Ensure that each chapter starts on a new page
  5. Insert 3 sub headings of your choice in each chapter
  6. In Chapters 1,2 and 6 include some sample tables
  7. In Chapters 3,4, and 5 include some sample images
  8. In Chapter 1 include a hyperlink to the website for this module (IT Fundamentals)
  9. Replace all occurrences of the word “select” in the document with the word “choose”
  10. Format the document so that paragraphs have line spacing of 1.5 lines.
  11. Paragraphs should be justified.
  12. The first paragraph of each chapter should have a drop capital
  13. At the start of chapter 2, insert a process chart to show a cycle with 3 steps in the cycle
  14. Put a “Confidential” watermark on each page
  15. Insert appropriate Headers & Footers including page number
  16. At the start of the document , insert a table of contents, followed by a table of figures, and a table of tables
  17. Save the document on the G drive. Email it to yourself using your student email account.
If not finished, complete ALL steps above at home.

All students should also complete the following steps
  1. Bookmark each chapter
  2. At the end of chapter 3 include the text “see page” followed by the cross referenced page number for the previous chapter. Do the same for chapters 4, 5 and 6.
  3. In Chapter 4, include a multilevel list with 4 items at the top level(surnames), and 2 sub levels items for each, the first being an address, the second a telephone number
  4. At the start of the document, include a (conservative) cover page. The Company text is “RECREATIONAL MANAGEMENT – IT FUNDAMENTALS”. The Title text is “Word Test Part 1”. The Sub Title is “creating a book”. Insert today’s date. The Abstract text should include the following text “I certify that this assignment is my own work and I have not copied the work of any other student or individual. SIGNED ___________________________ DATE ____________________”
  5. Save the document as ver 2 and email it to yourself

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 7 - Class 3

- USE EndNote!

Google Scholar
- ,more, even more
- search for "dj turntable music"

ACM Portal
- one of the research databases available from the library
- view the pdf
- click on "endnote" and save (the end note reference) to G drive

Word References Use EN cite as you write
(it take a while to load up)
Save your End Note Library to your G drive
File Import
- change the "import option" to "Endnote Import"
- browse to the end note reference file you save earlier
- click import

Inserting a Citation in Word
To use a citation in word, select the "EndNote X2" tab
Click Insert Citation | Insert Selected Citation

Note that the citation is inserted and a bibliography entry is added to the end of the document.

Manually entering a reference in EndNote
Click the EndNote X2 window
Select Reference New Reference
Choose the reference type e.g. Book
Then fill in all the fields that you can.


Week 7 - Class 1

Completing Digiweb Student Offer setup
- log in to student email via wit home page
- you should now have 3 emails from digitweb
- read the second one
- there is a hyperlink ending in CP, witha username and password underneath
- click it and enter the username and password

VIEW on the ribbon

HOME on Ribbon
- Creating New Styles
- Creating New Quick Styles

Week 6 - Class 3

OFFICE button
- New From Template
{repeat mail merge with a preformatted letter}
{edit a flyer}

- Save As PDF
- Save As Other Formats type = Web Page

- publish to digiweb website?

E-MAIL - Sending attachments
- log into student email from the wit home page (you need your original Novell password initially)
- Click "Compose Mail"
- Click "Attach File"
Browse to the file you want to attach, click open
Then fill out the rest of your mail message as normal and click SEND to send it

Week 6 - Class 1

Review and practice topics from last class.

PAGE LAYOUT on the Ribbon

- Arrange (after inserting a picture, position it, arrange text around / on top of it / Send to back)
- Paragraph (indenting & spacing)
- Page Background (watermark, colours, borders)
- Themes
- Page Setup (orientation, paper size A4, columns)

REFERENCES on the Ribbon
- Footnotes

- 3 main steps (1.master document, 2. client detail list, 3. merged). Also Preview

a) create the master document {start mail merge, Insert Mail Merge Fields}
b) Create the recipient list
c) Finish & Merge

MS Word 2007 - Ribbon Layout

Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 5 - class 3

INSERT menu (continued)

Symbol - (yen sign, Pie, copyright, trademark)
Equation - structures e.g. e script for x squared
Signature Lines
Date & Time
Drop Capitals

Cross Reference - see table 1, page 3, Figure 4, etc., Chapter 5, etc.
Bookmarks - for each chapter



Page Background
Page Color
Page Borders

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Week 5 - Class 2

Review of all options on the HOME tab

  • Picture
  • Clipart
  • Shapes
  • SmartArt
  • Chart
  • Hyperlinks
Exploration of each objects context sensitive options
e.g. for smart art - layouts, SmartArt Styles

Friday, October 3, 2008

Week 5 - Homework

All students must create a digiweb account using your student email address. As part of the signup process you get a .COM web address e.g.

All students must also create a GMAIL account.

check if you are already sign in by loogin at the top right hand corner of screen. If you are click "sign out".

Then sign up for a new account.

It can take up to a week to get this all sorted. Make sure you apply early otherwise you won't be able to complete the assignment in 2 weeks.

Word Assignment

Notice is given to all that there will be an inclass assignment within the next 2 weeks on MS word.
Please ensure that you can perform ALL the tasks that have demonstrated and practiced in class to date.

Week 4 - Class 3


paragraph style
line spacing
lists (bullet, numbered, multilevel)
header / footer / page numbers
find / replace / More Options

shift tab
fadas = AltGr + vowel

Monday, September 29, 2008

Word 2007 Help & How-To

Microsoft Office Help

Word 2007 Tutorial (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Week 4 - Class 1 & 2

Create sub headings for each chapter and apply a heading2 style

Remember: Right click table of contents, update field, updated entire table

Insert | Page Break


Create tables,
Design tables

Tab key to move to next cell or add row at end of table.
Right Click | insert | insert column to right

Exercise: Create a timetable
References | Caption
References | table of figures

- References | Insert Caption

Index Entries
- References | Mark Entry

Adding a table of tables
Adding a table of figures
Adding an index
- References | Insert Index


SHIFT+F3 for cycling through lowercase,uppercase,Captialized

CTRL + cursor arrow keys to move by word
Home brings you to start of line
End brings you to end of line
Page Up scrolls up 1 page
Page Down scrolls down 1 page

CTRL + Home brings you start of document
CTRL + End brings you end of document


All IT classes this week (22nd - 26th Sept) are cancelled due to the death of Paul Dunphy (Colm Dunphy's father)

Classes will resume as normal on Monday 29th Sept.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Week 2 - Class 3

Tools | Folder Options

- View
* Hidden Files and Folders (uncheck)
* Hide extensions of known file types (uncheck)

- File Types
.doc v .docx
marquee (draw rectangle with mouse)
MS Word

styles: heading1
Table of contents
Update field

Microsoft Natural Keyboard keys
• Windows Logo: Start menu
• Windows Logo+R: Run dialog box
• Windows Logo+F1: Help
• Windows Logo+E: Windows Explorer
• Windows Logo+F: Find files or folders
• Windows Logo+D: Minimizes all open windows and displays the desktop

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 2 - Class 2

View Menu
- Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List, Details

View | Arrange By
- Name, Size, Type, Modified
- Show in Groups

View | Choose Details

Question is 256 bigger than 4?
NB: you need to know what the units are. In computers the units are:

KiloByte (KB)
MegaByte (MB)
GigaByte (GB)
TerraByte (TB)

Find the best buy USB memory keyring for not more than €20.
Specify the make,model,TOTAL price, store.

Prefixes for bit and byte
Value SI
10001 k kilo-
10002 M mega-
10003 G giga-
10004 T tera-
10005 P peta-
10006 E exa-
10007 Z zetta-
10008 Y yotta-
10241 Ki kibi- K kilo-
10242 Mi mebi- M mega-
10243 Gi gibi- G giga-
10244 Ti tebi-

10245 Pi pebi-

10246 Ei exbi-

10247 Zi zebi-

10248 Yi yobi-

Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 2 - Class 1


Windows Explorer

My Computer
My Documents
My Pictures
My Music
Recycle Bin

- used for managing folders and files.

Filenames (255 characters in total)
[base filename].[extension]


Paste CTRL+V


files, folders, shortcuts

Right Click - context sensistive menu

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 1 - Class 1

Review of module description & course content

Turn on, startup, login.


Operationg Systems - types: [win, mac, linux], versions[XP,VISTA]
Programs - categories: browser [e.g. IE, Firefox.], office [MS Office, openoffice]

commercial - paid for
opensource - free

make sure to login before next class. If your password is incorrect, goto Computer Services - it may take hours or days to sort this out, so do it soon! Remember passwords are case sensitive.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Welcome to Information Technology (for Recreational Management students Year 1)

My name is Colm Dunphy and I'm lecturer for this semester.
Important notices, deadlines, links to class notes and files will be posted on this blog for all groups in the class.

email :
tel : 051 302059